Your Dubsado Set-Up Guide for 2020


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When building your business as a sole entrepreneur having an efficient system that offers several processes can save you time, money, and headaches. It even stores all your client's information and has several great features.

Setting up your Dubsado account isn't hard, but it takes some time, and is essential to the growth of your client base. Once you finish off the last step, set it and forget it while you focus more on your clients.

This checklist I put together is the process I use for my clients when helping them set-up their Dubsado accounts, so I don't miss an essential step in their operation.

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Branding: Add your logo and brand info.

  • You can add your logo and brand colours to a few areas in Dubsado like form and link buttons.

Client Portal: Welcome message, banners, and branding colours

  • These changes make your Clients Portal more customized and recognizable to your clients.

International Settings: Time zone and local settings.

  • A minor task, but is essential to your scheduler and payment schedules.

Receive Money: PayPal and Stripe

  • Its how you get paid and gives your clients an option on how to pay you.

Email Settings: Connect your email account.

  • For ingoing and outgoing emails and you can track them with a tracking pixel to see if the client has read them and when.


Project Status: Lead, jobs, and tags.

  • Leads are what stage (status) the client (project) is in from Lead Capture to contract signed and invoice paid.

  • Jobs are what projects are booked and confirmed.

  • Tags are for categorizing your jobs and leads.

Project Sources: Facebook, Instagram, Google, website, referred.

  • It is an excellent tool for asking your leads and clients where they heard about you and tags them over in Project Sources.

Canned Emails: Add your email templates (10 - 15).

  • This step is crucial, so spend the time on these emails, make them sound like you, and keep them relaxed and informative for your clients.


Packages: Packages allow your clients to pick a service that suits them and saves you from typing in the information with each new invoice.

  • These need to be added before making your proposal and is helpful when building invoices.

Payment Schedules: Are how you manage how a client pays you.

  • Pay In Full

  • Fixed Deposit

  • 1/15

  • 50/50

  • 43/33/33

Scheduler: Using Dubsado's scheduler can save you time and embeds right on your website.

  • Set up your scheduler, add your email, add the form you want clients to fill out before your call or video conference, and connect your with your calendar.


Lead Capture: Build your Lead Capture form.

  • You can embed this form on your website.

Questionnaires: Build your questionnaire.

  • You can build more than one questionnaire for the different services you provide

  • Questionnaires can be embedded on your website.

Contract: You can build your contact in the forms section.

  • You can build different contacts for each of the services you provide if needed.

  • Countersign, the client signs and then you sign.

Sub-Agreement: Add a sub-agreement only if you need one.

  • Waivers

  • Appearance release

  • Design and print proofs

  • Non-disclosure agreements


Proposal: Make this baby POP; this is your place to shine and win the client over.

  • You can add graphics to your proposal

  • Your packages

  • Add-on services

Workflows: Are great for streamlining your processes.

  • They help automate on-boarding and off-boarding clients

  • Great for payment and call reminders

Test Workflows: Always test new workflows.

  • Be sure that your workflow works before sending it off your clients.

You can follow along with Dubsado's "Getting Started" Series here:

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